Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Truth About Horoscope Compatibility

The Truth About Horoscope Compatibility

For many years in the Western world, astrology has been laughed at and ridiculed. When people think of astrology, they think of the horoscope for today, the trivial daily snippets of fortune-telling found in newspaper and magazine horoscopes. And they often consider astrology to be on the same level as a fortuneteller at a fairground.But the art of astrology has been around for thousands of years. In ancient times, astrologers were revered for their insights. Kings and queens of old often listened carefully to their advice.

A lot of the ridicule for astrology these days comes from a misunderstanding of what it is about and how it works. Many people think horoscopes are just another form of entertainment,and just look to the basic star signs.They don't realize the underlying scientific principles behind it. Astrology is really about understanding the natural forces that influence our daily lives.

The most basic chart in astrology is called the natal chart, or birth chart. An astrologer, using a person's time and location of birth, can calculate how the planets were aligned at that time. They can then analyze the individual's character based on those alignments.

It can seem like astrologers claim that the planets influence the lives of human beings. However, serious students of the subject understand that there is something more going on below the surface. The planets are just indicators. For example, a bus timetable may indicate a location for a bus at any particular time. But it does not mean that the bus timetable is controlling or influencing the bus.

Astrologers often use their intuition and judgment to produce readings for people. It is not just about the mathematics of planetary orbits.

Once an astrologer has calculated a person's birth chart, they have enough information to look at the birth charts of other people they might be interested in. From there, the astrologer can work out whether there is any horoscope compatibility between those people. In this way, astrology is often used to make predictions about love and relationships.

A competent astrologer can often predict exactly how compatible two people are going to be just by looking at their birth charts together. The art of doing this kind of horoscope interpretation is called Synastry. And it is often used to help people find love using astrology.

However, just because two people have horoscope compatibility does not mean that they will definitely get on. The astrologer can only provide broad indications of how two people will interact. It is still up to those two individuals to decide how they wish to behave with each other.

Astrology does not override freewill. A way to understand this idea is to think of a small boat in the ocean. If you let the boat drift by itself then it is easy to predict where the ocean currents will gradually take the boat. But if you decide to switch on the vessel's on board motor and choose your own direction, the ocean tides become irrelevant.

Many people are interested these days in horoscope compatibility. But they often do not seek the services of a qualified professional. Instead, it has become more popular to rely on  the daily love horoscope , or a weekly love horoscope in the newspaper or a  computer interpretation of birth charts.This is often a much cheaper option.

However, a computer program does not have the intuition and skills of a trained human astrologer. So the interpretations can often be quite general and sometimes contradictory. In the worst cases, they won't make any sense at all.

In some ways, astrological computer software has given modern-day astrology a bad reputation. People think that the general statements that a computer generates represent serious astrological interpretations. This is often not the case. Computer software still cannot match the skills of a human being for astrological advice.

So if you are looking to discover your horoscope compatibility with another, it would be better to invest in the services of a trained professional astrologer.

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