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Aquarius Woman ( January 21-February 18),and Horoscope Compatibilioty


On a mental level, numerous things are an amusement to the Aquarius woman, and nothing has greater stakes than the round of adoration. Playing at her own particular relaxation, she will put her pieces decisively, never skirting a beat or making a false move. Love is a good time for an Aquarius lady, and she will play the piece of numerous parts for her sweetheart, just to keep things intriguing. This carefree approach does not mean an Aquarius lady begins to look all starry eyed effectively. Despite what might be expected, it sets aside some time for her to have the capacity to interface sincerely and to trust another person.

"Tough to love" can be utilized to depict some Aquarius woman. Her accomplice must be rationally arranged to meet the difficulties postured by this solid willed, autonomous lady. To her, correspondence is the way to a fruitful sentiment and she may support each feeling. In any case, as agreeable as she seems to be, breaking through to her heart takes some time.

Once the Aquarius woman is touched by what she feels is intimate romance, be that as it may, she will offer herself to her accomplice unreservedly and totally. Unique and flighty, this lady may give wellsprings of joy that her accomplice never knew existed.

Freedom is something the Aquarius woman values. She looks for it from a friend or a lover and she gives it openly too. There's  a piece of her that she keeps isolated from others. This is a scholarly air sign despite the fact that it's alluded to as a water carrier. Her optimal match has a considerable measure of brains and comprehends her assorted qualities.

The Aquarius woman is quirky. She is an enigma. She is unpredictable. And independent. This is a fixed sign which means she doesn’t take kindly to people telling her what to do. But if you need help, she is a true humanitarian who is ready and willing to assist someone who might be short on cash or down on their luck. She’ll also dole out sound advice. This sign cares about her fellow man, woman, child, animal, and environmental cause.

The Aquarius woman mingles with people from all walks of life. She tends to greet and interact with people the same way, no matter what their age or background. She likes to travel, she likes the new, but she can be curiously attached to the old. While Aquarius women love progress, on a personal level, they don’t like change. It has to do with their loyalty, their attachment to the past, and their memories, so even though they have the courage to look ahead, usually with optimism, and see the best things in store, they still like to know where they have come from and who they are.

Usually when we hear the word “loyalty” we immediately think about being loyal to our mates. While Aquarius women may very well keep their promises in their relationships, they take loyalty to a different, deeper level. This woman will stay loyal to a particular brand, restaurant, mom-and-pop shop, team, musician, and so forth, through thick and thin, unless of course they truly prove themselves unworthy. This is a rare and wonderful trait, that seems in fact to be an endangered attitude in today’s world. While Aquarious has many interests, they are not flighty by nature.

Aquarius in Love
On a mental level, many things are a game to the Aquarius woman, and nothing has bigger stakes than the game of love. Playing at her own leisure, she will place her pieces precisely, never skipping a beat or making a false move. Love is fun for an Aquarius woman, and she will take the part of many roles for her lover, just to keep things interesting. This light hearted approach does not mean an Aquarius woman falls in love easily. On the contrary, it takes some time for her to be able to connect emotionally and to trust someone else.

“Tough to love” can be used to describe some Aquarius women. Her partner must be mentally prepared to meet the challenges posed by this strong willed, independent woman. To her, communication is the key to a successful romance and she may rationalize every emotion. But, as friendly as she is, getting through to her heart takes some time.

Once the Aquarius woman is touched by what she feels is true love, however, she will give herself to her partner freely and completely. Original and unpredictable, this woman may provide sources of pleasure that her partner never knew existed.

Independence is something the Aquarius woman values. She seeks it from a partner and she gives it freely as well. There’s always a part of her that she keeps separate from others. This is an intellectual air sign even though it’s referred to as a water bearer. Her ideal match has a lot of brains and understands her diversity.


Gemini Man is at the top of the list.
Arie,Aquariou,Leo are next best, with the Capricorn , and  Cancer on the bottom.

Disclaimer; This is only a guide , and while a widely respected guide ,all decisions on personal relationships should be made by each individual on its own merit.

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